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Block Ali is a Los Angeles Californian music project conceived by guitarist and vocalist Clinton Landreth. Originally from Oklahoma,
Landreth spent several years writing material for the project and playing as a solo artist. As a touring act, Landreth plays alongside Kevin Witucki (drums/vocals)
& Jaime Miranda (bass/vocals) Block Ali’s sound is influenced by classic, alternative, psychedelic rock.
 In December of 2017, Block Ali began recording their debut album "Little Baby Elephant" at
"Home Los Angeles Studios" in Hollywood, which would later go on to be mixed and mastered by multi-platinum producer & engineer Benny Steele.
Their debut album Little Baby Elephant, released in 2019, features 10 tracks on "Boogie-Saki Music". The album is a mixture of gritty rock, clean vocals, and psychedelic harmonies; sounds which pay tribute to all of Block Ali’s influences, such as Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Nirvana &

Built to Spill.

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